What we do

We are in the practice of connecting people to nature.

We curate properties whose owners seek the influence of beauty on their souls and spirits.

We listen - we read between the lines to interpret the story of a site, and the constraints that define it.

We study engineering, ecology and aesthetics to generate integrated solutions for our projects.

We analyze the interaction of space, light and repose to deliver a response that is simple and elegant.

Why we work

We value the intangible beauty that nature lays at our feet on a daily basis.

We value collisions of architectural structure and natural line.

We value the priorities of balance, texture and scale.

We value the opportunity to provide what is needed, and what is desired.

We value the shared gift of earth and exalt the opportunities to recline together in its occasional embrace.

Who we are

17 is the number of the climate zone that defines the Bay Area and Coastal California, the region where Green 17 was born and the landscape that inspires us year in and year out. Green 17 was founded by Tim O’Shea and DJ Johns, whose collective expertise and mutual devotion to the directives of natural beauty is the common ground for their distinct approaches to exterior design.